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Here at David Loud Car Audio we care about the quality of our products therefore we only carry the top brand stereos in the industry. With Major brands like Pioneer and Kenwood, we are constantly  striving to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in the industry. Mostly all head-units come standard with AUX and  USB connections to facilitate phone integration. You may choose to add extra features such as bluetooth and Sirius XM. For the  more "tech-savy" individuals, we offer the latest technology in Multi-Media head-units  that provide you with every feature available to the general public which include 3D Navigation, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Backup Camera display, Blind Spot Detection, DVD Player, Screen Mirroring and much more.  These units also allow you to go  completely   hands-fee by integrating all of your phones  features   onto your head-unit . This allows the stereo system to read your text messages, Play Music,  Input desired navigation destination or simply make a phone call all though voice command! 


Tired of listening to that rattly thing in your car you call a speaker? Come check out how we can make your daily commute a little more musical. From basic  factory replacement speakers to full component systems, we offer full lines dedicated to providing the best sound quality, reliability, and performance all while being backed up by the nations best warranty. Give us a call for a quote on upgrading your speakers in your vehicle Today!  

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An audio amplifier is an electronic amplifier that strengthens low-power, inaudible electronic audio signals such as the signal from radio receiver to a level that is strong enough for driving or powering loudspeakers or subwoofers. Power amplifiers make the signal—whether it is recorded music, a live concert, singing, an electric guitar or the mixed audio of an entire band through a sound reinforcement system—audible to listeners. It is the final electronic stage in a typical audio playback chain before the signal is sent to the loudspeakers and subwoofers. At David loud we carry all your top brands in Amps such as Sundown Audio, Memphis Audio, Kenwood Excelon and much more. If you have any question about which amplifier is best for you simply give us a call!


A subwoofer is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies know as Bass. Here at David Loud Car Audio we take pride in all of our subwoofer lines as we are very particular to only carrying the best brands in the industry.  Although we carry everything from your first time  basic subwoofer setup, We specialize in competition subwoofers. We carry a full Line of Sundown Audio which is one of the worlds leading brands in todays audio competition world. Although some are strictly all about sound quality and enjoying their sound systems, Others are all about hitting numbers on the meter, For that very reason we rely on brands that not only can take the beating but can provide the best customer support, quality and warranty.

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